We bought our place in the countryside in 2019 – ahead of the crazy world changing year that was 2020. We’ve kept our apartment in the city as my partner works nearer Glasgow, and we love it’s location. I probably should have blogged a lot more about the journey, but here we are. One of the main challenges we massively underestimated about buying the new place, was the fact that not moving but adding it to our life meant we had to basically buy everything for a home again (not move it from our apartment), so it’s taken us a good couple years, but hte basics are covered and we can move to some luxury items – and that obviously includes tech!

I’d wanted to get a really top of the line AV setup throughout the home, all rooms have a minimum 43 inch QLED/LED screen (we went for Samsung). The living room has a 2019 Q90 65 QLED wall hung. I’m a huge QLED fan in the OLED/QLED debate – I don’t get why we’d go backwards and have to worry about direct sunlight and burn in. To my eyes the modern QLEDs are every bit as good and definitely have more features for the money. When buying the screen, I’d had my eye on the matching Samsung surround setup, but over time I’ve migrated to getting a Sonos setup – Arc + Sub + 2x SL rears. It’s all connected to a 2nd Generation Apple TV 4K, through an HDFury Arcada.

Atmos is a bear to get going though – I’ll explain why in future posts.